• Banana Jones Slot by RTG Game Review
  • Game Details:
  • Provider: RTG
  • Type: snakes and ladders board game
  • Top Award: 2,565* your bet
  • Dice: 2
  • Dice Result Range: 2 to 12
  • Dice Rolls per Bet: 5
  • Free Dice Rolls: yes
  • Bonus Game: yes
  • Mobile: yes
  • Slot Description

    This is an adventurous game by RTG that is rather exciting to the level that it might make you go crazy. The hero of the game has to acquire the sacred crystal banana before the enemies take possession of it. Due to this, he should overpower the dangerous leopard and his gang of snakes. In case the hero does not get the crystal banana within the required time, the world faces a great threat.

    Game Symbols

    In this game, the symbols are distributed in the table so you have to collect the banana jones. The dice need to be moved across the board and the gemstone acquired is tracked in the left upper corner by the game’s counter. When you step on the snakes or the vines, your board position is moved further or closer to the temple where you will complete the mission, depending on your steps.

    How to Play

    Your role is to navigate the hero to head towards the temple. The players need to roll the dice five times in each bet. Each bet brings you closer to completing the mission. On the other hand, Banana Jones might die. This game has some rules. To avoid death, ensure you don’t land on the snake’s head because it takes you back to its tail, further away from the temple. Fortunately, if you land on the vines, you get closer to your destination.

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